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Vagheggi Fuoco Plus Line Black Sculpting Cream 200ml

Brand: Vagheggi
Product Code: 128141

Vagheggi Fuoco Plus Line Black Sculpting Cream 200ml

Reducing, remodeling, redensifying with a targeted
action on all cellulite imperfections.
The evolution of FUOCO PLUS acts against premature
senescence of tissues affected by imperfections and
the force of gravity.
Immediate results for a sculpted silhouette!

To fight premature ageing of cutaneous tissues!
Rare and precious, the black rose extract is a
precious ingredient with high hydration effect that
boosts the redensifying action and anti-ageing strategy
of the diorite, manganese and proline.

Reducing, push-up effect
From the perennial plant with purple flowers, vescalagin,
castalagin and other tanins and flavonoids increase the
contraction of the dermis for better-defined curves while
reducing preadipocytes differentiation and their metabolism
which, in turn, brings a diminution of lipids accumulation
and a thinning of the hypodermis.
The main function of the Purple Loosestrife and the Black
rose boost the extraordinary action of the Drosera Ramenticea
(carnivorous plant) and the Diorite, a mineral that
releases all the energy of the volcano.

Magic and iridescent texture, fresh to the touch that melt like butter on
the skin to render the skin velvety. A precious blend of active
ingredients targeted on the buttocks, abdomen and thighs.
Ingredients: Extracts of Purple Loosestrife and Black Rose, Vegetal Charcoal,
Drosera, Diorite, Caffeine, Biosaccharides, Patented Quercetine.

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