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Matis Reponse Vitalite C7 Booster 7x5ml

Brand: Matis
Product Code: matc7

Matis Reponse Vitalite C7 Booster 7x5ml

7 capsules of anhydrous vitamin C merge with an activating serum that instantly rehydrates the vitamin C, allows to be absorbed by the skin. Pure vitamin C is known to revitalize even the most fatigue skin. It brightens the skin tone and reduces the wrinkle depth. 
1. Place 1 capsule of vitamin C into the palm of your hand
2. Add 2 droppers full of the activating serum
3. Mix in your hand until you get an even texture
4. The product is ready to apply to your face by lightly massaging in until completely absorbed 
+37% Improvement of the skin*
+33% Brighter skin tone*
-21% Reduction in wrinkle depth**
*Clinical measurements taken from 22 women after 3 weeks of daily use.
**3D imaging used to measure the wrinkle depth of 5 subjects after 3 weeks of daily use.

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