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Histomer Drain O2 Slimming Complete Treatment

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISO2V02

Histomer Drain O2 Slimming Complete Treatment

Dual-action slimming program - drainage and fat burning.

In the set:

Sliming scrub Lipo Osmotic, 200 ml - exfoliation and intensive osmotic stimulation of adipose tissue.

Double-acting cream, 400 ml - lipolytic and drainage effect.
LESS body volume due to drainage

· CORRECTES a figure, breaking fat deposits

· REMOVES puffiness and stagnation

· SMOOTHS “orange peel”

Sliming scrub Lipo Osmotic: sea salt, stem cells of the shandra marrubium.

Drain O2 dual-action cream: pink pepper extract, sea plankton, ginger zingiber zerumbet, sweet clover, stem cells of the shandra marrubium and globularia

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