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Histomer Bio HLS Supreme Filler SPF10+ (50ml)

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISHLSV9

Histomer Bio HLS Supreme Filler SPF10+ (50ml)

Cream for mature skin acts as a powerful bio-stimulant in the deeper layers of the skin. A rich formula provides the maximum effect of smoothing and filling wrinkles, restores skin elasticity and evens out the tone of the hyperpigmentation spots typical of 55+ women during postmenopause.
The cream filler was based on Buddley stem cells and the Bio HLS Supreme Complex® active bio-complex. As a result of daily use, the skin returns elasticity and fullness, wrinkles are filled and smoothed, a uniform complexion is restored.

Active ingredients

· Buddley stem cells, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate, BIO HLS SUPREME Bio-complex, galactaric acid, phosphatidylcholine, jojoba oil, palm and shea butter, vitamins E and B3, tocotrienols, SPF10

It is recommended to use twice a day - in morning and evening care after cleansing with Bio HLS Micellar Water.

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