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GiGi Nutri-Peptide Instant Moisturizer for dry skin 50ml

Brand: GiGi
Product Code: 11502

GiGi Nutri-Peptide Instant Moisturizer for dry skin 50ml

A moisturizer enriched with vital ingredients to provide a normal moisture reserve in the skin. Contains a unique complex that transforms light into energy. Capsules of algae extract enveloped in a peptide conductor encourage the creation of energy vital for the renewal of the collagen fibers. The complex also contains a low-weight natural source polysaccharide which improves a variety of skin functions, instantly increases the moisture level and prevents natural evaporation.


  • Provides immediate moisture and prevents evaporation
  • Enriches the skin with moisture required for normal activity 
  • Lightens the skin tone
  • Encourages creation of collagen and contributes to skin firming   
  • Provides elasticity and softness 
  • Softens and conceals fine lines
  • Prevents damages caused by lack of moisture   
  • Provides the skin with a fresh and vivid appearance

Directions for Use: Massage the cream on clean skin, until completely absorbed. It is recommended to massage again each time a sense of tension or dryness is felt on the skin.  

Paraben free * Dermatologically tested 

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