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Biogena Eye Contour 15ml

Brand: Valetudo ( Planta Pura Biogena Histomer )
Product Code: BV2EC01

Biogena Eye Contour 15ml

Dedicated eye contour treatment, effective against dark circles under the eyes and loss of skin tone and elasticity.

1. Tightens the skin of the eye contour, restoring a lighter look and bringing back the eyes' natural glow.

2. Gradually reduces puffiness in the eyelids and signs of fatigue.

The composition of Biogena Eye Contour is based on three natural active ingredients - Aesculetin (from the bark of ash and horse-chestnut trees), Vitamin C (from citrus fruits) and Tocotrienols (from palm seeds). These precious natural substances are selected to tone eyelid tissues, reactivate circulation, lighten the skin and smooth out expression lines.

Directions - apply every evening with gentle massage.

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