White Lotus Anti Aging

Unlike most companies currently marketing derma rollers White Lotus began as a specialist skin needling company.

All the products have been extensively tested and improved over years of intensive use in a busy clinic environment. This means that both White Lotus home use and in clinic products have been constantly improved over this time. It is for this reason that we can confidently say White Lotus home use rollers last 1 year unlike competitors.

Micro needle therapy allows you to work with your body’s own natural collagen to produce dramatic results without the use of injections or fillers. Finding a natural cosmetic treatment with such strong scientific proof is rare. White Lotus has incorporated the micro needle therapy system into the traditional anti aging systems of Eastern Asia. This allows the treatments to work with the body to enhance health while achieving results and minimise side effects.

White Lotus is a natural beauty company and therefore wanted to provide a safe but effective alternative to many of these synthetic products being produced.

All White Lotus skincare products are produced from completely natural substances. They use no preservatives, additives, fillers, colours, flavours, animal products, sulphates or parabens

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