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Premium Dragon Well Green Tea (Long Jing) 30g

Brand: Wellness Expert
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Premium Dragon Well Green Tea (Long Jing) 30g

Dragon Well green tea, or Long Jing as it is known in China, is commonly regarded as one of China's top ten teas, and is often served to visiting head's of states.  This premium Long Jing tea is an absolutely fantastic example of this tea.  Mostly handmade it has no hint of bitterness, instead it has a delightfully subtle classic green tea taste and aromatic scent.

  • Flattened tea leaves, with one bud and one or two leaves
  • Pale green yellow when brewed
  • A subtle, rich, orchid like taste and aroma, with no hint of bitterness
  • Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)
  • recommended brewing temperature 80ºC

Second only to white teas, green teas such as Long Jing, have high levels of antioxidants and other natural chemicals that reputedly help reduce the incidence of cancer, promote good skin tone and help reduce the affects of aging.  Also high in vitamin C, fluoride and calcium, they also promote healthy teeth and bones.
Long Jing tea is also widely renowned in China as a good tea to help calm the mind, cheer you up and clear your thinking.

Fat buster
Various studies suggest that drinking Dragon Well Green Tea is good for those who want to lose excess body weight or maintain a great figure. As we all know, many green tea varieties have natural fat burning substances.

Thus, Dragon Well Tea is able to maintain large concentrations of these substances, called polyphenols, which help speed up lipolysis or the process in which the body breaks down fatty cells.

Regular drinking of Dragon Well Green Tea also enables the body to easily dissolve triglyceride and transform them into the body’s source of energy. It also helps boost one’s metabolism as supported by many studies and researches of health experts and practitioners.

Additional health benefits
Dragon Well Green Tea is more than a natural fat burner. Consuming at least three cups a day of this refreshing beverage can help reduce your chances of developing serious diseases and health problems such as cancer and heart ailments.

Because Dragon Well Tea contains high levels of antioxidants, it can help get rid of harmful toxins that have built up inside your body overtime – helping you prevent cell and tissue damage.

Drinking this regularly also strengthens your immune system because it is rich in vitamin C, which helps the body fight viral infections. Dragon Well Tea benefits the drinkers as its natural ingredients improve the body’s immune response by strengthening the capabilities of gamma delta T cells to fight diseases.

In addition, it can help strengthen the bones and teeth, as well as protect and keep the skin blemish-free.

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