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2002 Premium Yunnan Pu-erh tea Nest 100g

Brand: Wellness Expert
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2002 Premium Yunnan Pu-erh tea Nest 100g

Tuocha, a compressed tea in hollowed hemispheric shape, is mainly produced in Yunnan. This 100g Tuocha is from Fengqing, Lincang, Yunnan.
The materials of Tuocha are from Fengqing large tea speices. Fresh tea leaves will be made into dry tea in traditional craft method after being picked, then will be pressed into nest shape. The appearance of Tuocha reminds you of mountain. While smelling the faint scent of Sheng Pu-erh, you will have the feelings of being in beautiful scenery of Yunnan.

Raw Puerh refers to the raw loose tea leaves (the sun dried teas) that made from fresh tea leaves by de-enzyming, rolling and sun-drying. To steam the loose teas, shape it into cakes with mould, then dry the cakes in the sun, you can get Puerh raw tuocha. Normally one tuocha weights 100g, 250g. Compared with Ripe Puerh, Raw Puerh has stronger flavor and aroma, with a stronger taste but sweet aftertaste. It has high tea polyphenol content and a strong ability of antioxidant. Puerh lovers will often start with ripe Puerh, and gradually get fond of raw Puerh

Scientific studies report that consumption of pu'er tea leaves significantly suppressed the expression of fatty acid synthase (FAS) in the liver; gains in body weight, levels of triacylglycerol, and total cholesterol were also suppressed.

Pu'er tea is widely believed in Chinese cultures to counteract the unpleasant effects of heavy alcohol consumption

The lipid-lowering effect of Pu erh tea mainly contributes to the following three aspects. Firstly, tea polyphenols, vitamin C and other active ingredients in Pu erh tea can work together to assist the decomposition and digestion of fat; Secondly,  a variety of beneficial bacteria, which can reduced the intake of triglycerides and sugar by small intestine and can improve the decomposition of fat in waist and abdominal by enzymes, generate during the fermentation process in Pu erh tea. Last but not the least, the caffeine in Pu erh tea can help enhance human body to burn fat.

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