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Vagheggi Bio+ Lenitive shower/bath cleanser with linseed oil 250ml

Brand: Vagheggi
Product Code: 128134

Vagheggi Bio+ Lenitive shower/bath cleanser with linseed oil 250ml

In a single gesture, it cleanses and leaves the skin nourished and soft thanks to the extremely delicate cleansing agents and linseed oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, obtained by cold pressure.


Linseed oil obtained by cold pressing of its seeds; has strong emollient, protective and antioxidant properties. Malvasia vine sap moisturizing, stimulating and elasticizing properties. Distilled water of organic orange flowers toning, soothing, regenerating, moisturizing, refreshing and revitalizing. Especially suitable for sensitive skin. Coconut oil derivatives biodegradable cleaning agents that respect the hydrolipidic film of the skin, even the most fragile and sensitive skins. Natural vitamin E high antioxidant action that neutralizes free radicals. Improves skin hydration at the level of the stratum corneum.


Massage into the body and rinse off in the shower.


Cleansed toned skin.

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