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Histomer Sensitive Skin Formula Facial Emulsion 200ml

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISPSP4

Histomer Sensitive Skin Formula Facial Emulsion 200ml

This emulsion has ideal texture for a full massage of face and décolleté. This massage emulsion suitable for any skin type, except oily skin.

Active ingredients:
histomernye cells oak roots chreshchatogo significantly enhance cellular respiration, triggering the regeneration of damaged tissues
bifidofermentov lysate (Repair Complex CLR - regeneration of the skin cells' DNA structures)
anti-inflammatory ingredients - extracts of white lily flowers, butcher's broom, aloe juice, glycyrrhetinate (from liquorice root)
troxerutin (bioflavonoid strengthens capillaries)
bisabolol (soothing)

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