NOV = New. EXPERT = Expert because the majority of the Novexpert founders are doctors who develop the formulas and manage the company. The NEW EXPERTS = those who refuse to remain neutral and stand up for a new approach to cosmetics: high-tech formulas with biodegradable ingredients.

The NovExpert brand was founded based on 3 needs currently expressed by expert consumers:  

1) formulations that use the latest cutting-edge advances in anti-aging medicine. Whatever the cost.  

2) the dermatological necessity to develop formulas for increasingly sensitive skin.      

3) uncompromised assurance of ethically certain non-toxicity over the long term. 


Inspired by research in anti-aging medicine, Novexpert cares are an additional and serious solution to the therapies expert in aging prevention. Specialized formulas for proven results: up to 45% decrease in wrinkles after the 1st month. Anti-wrinkle effectiveness proven on over 95% of the volunteers.



Novaxyline is a complex patented by Novexpert. This innovation is based on ultra-effective seaweed, capable of protecting itself from extreme temperatures, salt stress and uv rays. A unique "cellular guardian" that brings about a 70% reduction in one of the main causes of aging: oxidative stress.

Novexpert aims at reconciling progress and safety as well as ultra-effectiveness and high tolerance. 


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