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Histomer Formula 201 Green Age Dermal Cream 30ml

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HIS201V10

Histomer Formula 201 Green Age Dermal Cream 30ml

Puryfing and soothening face cream specifically designed to develop a complete anti-acne strategy. Ultimate advanced formulation based on botanical Stem Cells combined with Organic Acids and Silver and Zinc salts.


Five different approaches to solving the problem of acne combined into one complex:

Keratolytic action of almond and citric acids prevents occlusion of sebaceous glands and the subsequent formation of comedones;
The seboregulatory effect of lilac stem cells reduces the production of sebum;
Prevents the rupture of purulent sacs and the spread of infection inside the skin due to the dermo-strengthening effect of stem cells of Centella;
Slows the proliferation of P.Acnes bacteria by bacteriostatic action of silver salts;
Reduces the risk of post-inflammatory scars due to the preventive action of zinc salts.
Active Ingredients
cocoglycerides, zinc acetate, almond and citric acid, centella and lilac stem cells, willow bark extract, Irish moss powder Hondrus, silver, photofilter triazone.


Applied in both morning and evening care.

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