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Histomer Lightening Formula Day Cream 50ml

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISLV3N

Histomer Lightening Formula Day Cream 50ml

Lightening Formula Day Cream

A soft and light day cream with an intense regenerating effect that renews the skin in depth. Acts immediately on pigmented cells, making the complexion lighter and more uniform. Eliminating dark spots, day after day, it protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun rays and helps to prevent the forming of small expression
wrinkles and the loss of tonicity of the skin tissues.

HISTOMER LIGHTENING FORMULA Day Cream contains the precious essences of PLANT STEM CELLS (Histomeric cells), which are concentrated ingredients for vital energy that lightens the skin from the inside. It also contains a powerful regenerating. It also contains a powerful regenerating compound that eliminates the skin damage caused by sun rays and air pollution.
Thanks to its revolutionary ingredients, LIGHTENING DAY CREAM reduces the production of excess melanin, progressively eliminating dark spots, thoroughly regenerating skin tissues and fostering the forming of a new, brighter and more elastic skin. With HISTOMER LIGHTENING DAY CREAM the dream of a radiant and perfectly homogeneous skin comes true.
Also prepares the skin for the "Lightening Formula treatment" of HISTOMER to attain the best possible effect.

How to Apply

Apply every morning to face and neck with a gentle massage after the cleansing and toning the face with Appropriate lightening cleanser and toner.

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