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Histomer Hisiris Pro Dermis Intensive Serum (6x2.5ml)

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISIRP14

Histomer Hisiris Pro Dermis Intensive Serum (6x2.5ml)

Soothing and intensive moisturising serum for sensitive or irritated skin

​Pro Dermis Intensive Serum is a concentrated face serum for treating constitutional sensitive skin types that tend to develop irritations or allergic reactions. Pro Dermis Intensive Serum reduces the constitutional sensitivity through its main ingredient, De-Sensyl Complex, a precious active complex that reinforces skin defences, prevents and relieves troublesome irritation, excessive dryness and redness.

Directions: Apply the entire contents of a vial on the area to treat, massaging delicately until the product is completely absorbed.

Active Ingredients: De-Sensyl Complex.

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