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Histomer Body H4 Pro Tensive Body Gel 125ml

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISH4V03

Histomer Body H4 Pro Tensive Body Gel 125ml

Lifting-gel for body PRO TENSIVE

The formula regenerates the structure of the skin flap and "restarts" the program to restore the elasticity of sagging skin.
Eliminates the loss of tonus and sagging of the skin in difficult areas for correction - such as the inner surface of the hands and thighs.

It restores the enzymatic mechanisms responsible for the level of skin elasticity.

STEM CELLS OF THE ASIAN AND HOSPITAL ZAMSMINIDA CELLULA - Awaken the ability of damaged tissues to self-regenerate and renew.

STEM CELLS OF THE WILD AND THE ORDINARY SYRENIUM Interrupt the closed circle of stress conditions for the skin and neutralize the influence of the unfavorable environment and air pollution.

EXTRACT LEAVES MANILKARA stimulates the synthesis of structural proteins.

Full list of active ingredients:
stem cells of gardenia, shandra, centella, lilac, leaf extract manilka, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, silicon, coenzyme Q10.

Apply daily light massage for 2-3 minutes on each hand, paying special attention to the inside. It is important that, before applying the oil, the skin is cleaned and ready for the perception of valuable ingredients. At the beginning of the course, and then - every 7-10 days, it is recommended to prepare all necessary zones by scrubbing with H4 NEW SKIN BODY SCRUB.

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