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Body Scrubs & Exfoliators

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Body exfoliator with soft and fresh aroma of Roses, a cream which permits hydration and regener..
61.90€ 31.90€
Hyperemic gel and soft peeling for the body. Unisex formula for all ages and skin types, at any time..
Exfoliating Body Gel with unique smoothing and softening 3-in-1 action: Cleanses, exfoliates, soften..
34.90€ 27.90€
Exfoliating Body Gel with unique smoothing and softening 3-in-1 action: Cleanses, exfoliates, soften..
120.00€ 99.90€
Herôme Micro Dermabrasion Anti Anging's hand peeling for mature skin. Microcrystals remove..
Natural scrub for silky and well-groomed hands within one minute. This scrub with conditioning oils ..
Exfoliating body cream Histomer Body Scrub is a vegetal formula based on finely-ground apricot nu..
Peeling cream with regenerating properties. Gently removes dead cells in the epidermis.  It ..
PRODUCT: Cleasing mousse with gentle peeling action. Bottle 200 ml. PERFORMANCE: Allows gentle bu..
A tenso-active gel.For all skin types It removes dead cells without aggressions, cleaning an..
A soft emulsion which contains polyethylene particles for a physical exfoliation. A gentle ex..
Soft body peeling that exfoliates dead cells and removes skin impurities. Rich formula vegetable oil..
Antioxidant body scrub peeling Active principles RICE OIL: Liquid wax formed by long chain f..
Antioxidant body scrub peeling.Scrub Lemon Mousse body peeling,  for all skin types. ..
The softly melting exfoliating sensation A mousse exfoliator that melts on the skin like an exqui..
A smoothing massage that stimulates skin renewal: "start-up" for the skin detox proce..
“Nutri-scrub” with biological cane sugar in graded constant size granules: renews skin t..
Natural face and body scrub! Enriched with Althaea officinalis extract, micronized bamboo and precio..
This huge 200g Exfoliating Soap with massage bumps will scrub away daily dirt and grime, leaving ski..
25.80€ 23.90€
The perfect body exfoliant to eliminate the build up of dead skin cells, daily grime and dirt. Be..
41.40€ 31.90€
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