AMI Laboratories

Laboratories A.M.I. Applications Médicales Internationales, are headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland), offer a wide range of innovative and patented formulas.

These contain last generation molecules, to meet the skin protection and restructuring requirements including the most sensitive dermis.

DermoStructurant ® products, composed of five International Patents, 20 active ingredients for the whole range, which efficacy has been proven by many clinical and tolerance studies, including the powerful antioxidant polyphenols from grape Gatuline Expression (tensor vegetable), Hyaluronic Acid, ensure the effectiveness of our products.

All products are organic, approved by ECOCERT to protect the skin against aging, improve the contour of the eyes, the skin's toning and radiance.

Quality and complementarity of A.M.I.product range allows you to provide the best response to requests for Dermo-Cosmetics, by this line "DermoStructurante ®"

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Fresh texture puffiness, relaxing and decongestant The Eye Age Ix-smooth lines and wrinkles, firs..
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Following recent scientific patents, the Ix-Slim slimming cream is installed on cellulite and preven..
Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Real concentrated anti-aging serum, Ix-Tec visibly reduces wrinkles, re..
Immediate lift / Tightening effect Provides a facelift effect in toning and hydrating the skin:&n..
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